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The Use of Infrasound: Exploring its Potential as a Non-Lethal Weapon

 Infrasound: An evaluation of its potential application as a non-lethal weapon

By Anshuman Arya

Word Count: 3800

Submitted to SAE Institute, Oxford

In fulfillment of the Written Assignment

17th August 2012



The concept of Infrasound and weapons development often being stated in the same breath is not a new one, although, not much is known to the general public due to a lack of published content and the issue involved being of critical importance to national security and disarmament treaties.

This essay intends to shed light on what information is already available about Infrasound and how we can form a roadmap, based on factual evidence, as to its future implications in our lives.

The opening introductory chapter places a strong emphasis on the technological progress of a nation being largely a result of its military prowess as has been seen from the dawn of civilization. It elucidates some examples and historical evidence of sound being used as a weapon and some of the common myths regarding Infrasound.

Then, the essay goes through some of the relevant physics behind Infrasound and its properties, natural and artificial sources, and some of the present day applications of Infrasound.

The third chapter, largely based around published surveys and studies, goes on to explain the reported psychological and physiological effects of Infrasound, specifically on the human condition, and on the way, de-bunking the sensationalized ideology of Infrasound being a “sonic killer”.

Finally, an overview of possible systems and the mythical weapon systems allegedly said to have already been developed, is presented, leading to the conclusion that Infrasound may not be a feasible assault weapon system at our present stand point.


Understanding Infrasound

A summary of published health effects of Infrasound

A speculative analysis of possible weaponry



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