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Sipaahee Music

A collection of tunes I have produced since I started making music in 2011. Most of these tracks were made between 2011-2015 after which I took a hiatus from producing to focus on my visual work with friends and Flowmo Picture Company.

DO listen and enjoy some original music by me. 

Spanning genres such as Techno, Hip-Hop, Ambient Scores, Sampling, experimental instrumentals, I have now restarted my musical journey since late 2019; I have a lot more on the way in the coming months, solo releases and happy collabs. I'll keep you posted. :)


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Sipaahee Spotify Sets

Neotic Transmissions | Vibrations

Hey fellow sound voyagers!

Back in the epochs of my musical journey, I started with the magic of cassettes, a time when mixing and overdubbing our favourite tracks was an art form.

Limited by the constraints of a 60-90 min tape, what began as maximising space evolved into curated mixes, an art my brother and I would gift to friends and family.

Complete with printed lyrics and album art, these mixes were an experience.

Fast forward to today on, and that same intention and aesthetic guide the curation of playlists.

Each lasting 60-80 mins, they're not just collections of songs; they're immersive journeys through my moods, influences, and connections, mirroring a tradition started with my brother.

Now as Sipaahee remains in his new realm he sends transmissions through spotify playlists.

The names of the playlists tell tales, encapsulating the vibes within.

As I channel my musical spirit into the Vibrations Sphere,

I'm continuing the legacy.

Stay tuned for Label Features, curated Selections from our favourite labels across the globe, by Anshuman and me since 2012, now available in 2024.

The journey continues, and I'm thrilled to have you along for the ride!

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Bounce Beat Vocal Heat

Dropping the freshest beats and rhythmically charged rhymes, this playlist is a sonic journey through the realms of Hip Hop, Rap, and an eclectic mix of Beats. From old school classics to the latest underground gems, I've curated a vibe that'll keep you moving and grooving.

Straight from the streets to your ears!

#HipHopVibes #RapRhymes #BeatCulture #UrbanGrooves #RhythmNation #TurnUpTheVolume #FlowMasters #AudioLandscape #FeelTheBeat

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Energising Mind Tunes

Fuel your focus and amplify your energy with YOU.GOT.THIS.

This SET OF playlist, featuring a blend of dancey beats and mind-bending tunes, is perfect for work or workouts. Whether you're diving into a project or hitting the gym, let the rhythm propel you forward.

Boost your motivation!

#DanceyBeats #MindBendingSounds #WorkoutJams #HighTempoGrooves #EnergeticPlaylist #ProductivitySounds #FocusMusic #GymAnthems #PositiveVibesOnly

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Honorables from Hindustani Classical and Fusion

Dive into the soul-stirring world of HNRBLHNDSTN, an ode to the honorable legacy of Hindustani Classical and Fusion.

Experience the timeless beauty of classical traditions woven seamlessly

with the innovation of fusion elements, creating a musical tapestry that breathes new life into the art form.

#ClassicalFusion #HonorableMelodies #TimelessTraditions #MusicalVirtuosity #FusionInnovation #HindustaniHarmony #CulturalBlend #TraditionMeetsInnovation #HonorableJourney

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For the Revolution

In the aftermath of a revolutionary year, this playlist echoes the

sentiments of fusing impactful words, moments of hurt, calls for change,

and the healing power of music, it's a mix of disco funk

and afrobeat that amplifies the spirit of the fight for justice.

Revolutionise your playlist with these vibes!

#ProtestBeats #DiscoFunkRevolution #AfrobeatActivism #HealingMelodies #WordsOfChange #FunkyJustice #ResilientGrooves #EmpowermentSounds #UnityInMusic

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